[nana premium] About the features

What features can I use when I register for nana premium?

Nana premium currently offers the following features.
1: Premium effects
2: Search by “applauses”
3: Pinned sounds

What are the “premium effects” sounds like?

You can try them out in the verification screen that you see after making a recording, even if you are not registered for nana premium yet. See how you like them!

Can I change my pinned sounds as often as I like?

Yes, you can change them as often as you like so long as you have a premium account.

If I cancel nana premium, will the pinned sounds no longer be pinned?

Your pinned sound still remain but your pinned sounds will not remain pinned if you cancel nana premium.

If I cancel nana premium, will premium effects disappear from songs that I posted?

No, sounds you posted will remain as they are if you cancel nana premium.

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