[nana premium] How to cancel nana premium

1) Go to your device’s Settings, then tap iTunes & App Store.
*Make sure to go to the general Settings of your device, not the Settings screen inside the nana app.
2) Select the Apple ID you used when you purchased the gift card.
*If you Apple ID is not displayed, tap Sign In and then Use Existing Apple ID to sign in.
*You can also sign in with your Apple ID by tapping the account button at the very bottom of the App Store.
3) Your Apple ID will be shown as a pop up. Tap Display Apple ID and sign in.
4) In Subscriptions, tap Manage.
5) Select the name of the app whose use you want to suspend.
You have now cancelled nana premium. Return to the iTunes & App Store screen by tapping the Finish button on the lower right.
*If you turn off automatic renewal, you will become unable to use nana premium when your premium account expires.
*If automatic renewal is turned on, your Apple ID account will be charged within the 24 hours immediately before your gift card expires. To cancel automatic renewal, turn it off at least 24 hours before your gift card expires. *If you turn automatic renewal on again after you turned it off, your account will automatically be extended for another month after your current premium account expires. ## 

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