How do I record and share my performances?

Posting is easy - just follow the 3 steps.

1.Tap the “Record” button to start recording.
(Tips: If you're a singer, try searching if someone else has already posted the song before going solo. You might find a great instrumental track that you can sing with:) learn more about searching here.)

2.Recording is easy. Tap the round button on the bottom left to start recording, and you'll have 90 seconds to perform!
You can adjust the volume by changing the mic volume.
Tap the round button again if you're done early.

3.“Effect”screen will appear when you're finished with your recording. Here, you can listen to your recording and edit it by adding sound effects.Tap "OK" when you are satisfied with the sound.

4. On the next screen, you can type the title and the artist name of the song.
Tap the round button on the lower right corner to choose which part you recorded(vocal, guitar, etc.).
Write a comment about your performance,  press "done" and you're DONE!

The link below might also be helpful. 

How to share the sound to others?(Facebook, Twitter, email etc) 
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