How to share the sounds to others? (Facebook, Twitter, email etc)

To share sound in nana, you have two ways to do so.
Please see below:

 1. To use share button
    On your sound screen, there is " < " shaped share button.
    Tap the share button and you will see below:
        Share on Facebook: Tap this and share sound on Facebook
        Share on Twitter: Tap this and share sound on Twitter
        Copy sound URL: This is the URL to listen your sound on web player
        Copy nana link: This is the URL to share your sound within nana

 2. To share sound on your Twitter/Facebook automatically
    On the next page of "effect" screen after recording your sound, you see Twitter/Facebook button on the button.
    These are auto-share button to share on Twitter/Facebook.
    If it's on, every time you record, your sound will be posted on Twitter/Facebook.  

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