How to search instrumental sounds to collaborate with

Can't play any instruments but vocal? or Are you looking for other instruments to jam with?"
"Collab" is a great way to record your sound by yourself!

In nana, there are plenty of instrumental sounds played and posted by nana users.
Here's the 3 ways to find great sounds all over the world:

1)Search in magnifying glass icon

2)Find in "Song Book"

3)Find from sounds others have "collab"ed and posted

 1)Search in magnifying glass icon  

Tap magnifying glass icon and type name of title/artist name/user name/comment in the search box.
At this moment, results included all the sounds posted in nana.
Search result of instrumental sounds only will be shown when you tap the keyboard shaped icon.

With keyboard shaped icon, you can find sounds without vocal.

2)Find in "Song Book"

On the "Discover" page, you will see "Song Book".
In the Song Book, you see lists of artists.

Tap any artist name and you will find instrumental sounds posted by nana users.
* Song Book may not include all the artists. If you don't see the artist you want to find, try to search in magnifying glass icon

3)Find from sounds others have "collab"ed and posted

When you encounter some great post, you may think "Oh, I wish I could sing/play like this!".
Yes, you can do that!!

On the Sound Detail screen, you see icons of users who have collaborated to crete the sound.
When you tap the icons of users, you will see collab history of the sound.

So, just tap any record and you will reach to the previous version of collab sound.

If the sound was collaboration of piano, guitar, drum, and vocal.
 if you are a singer, you can select sound posted by drummer. (This means the sound has piano, guitar and drum)

 if you are a drummer, you may select sound posted by pianist (the sound has only piano) or sound posted by guitarist (the sound has piano and guitar).      

Once you find record to collaborate, tap "collab" icon and the recording will start instantly with the sound you've selected.

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